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Hotel** Restaurant ALIOS

129, avenue de la forêt de Maucor
40500 Bas Mauco

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Our actions

Protecting the environment is important to us and we make it a point to ensure our customers are aware of this.

  • We use energy saving light bulbs in our light fixtures.
  • The hospitality products provided for our clients in the bathrooms are eco-friendly.
  • We take used batteries to be recycled. (A collection bin is available at the reception desk for this purpose)
  • We use recycling bins for the hotel and restaurant’s waste.
  • All of our employees are well-informed on this subject and have adopted an environmentally friendly eco-citizen attitude at work.
  • We recycle organic waste from the restaurant and the kitchen to make compost.
  • We’ve installed water saving devices on the taps and showers.

Customer participation...

We encourage our clients to participate in our commitment by doing the following:

  • Eco-citizen use of bath towels results in less consumption of water and detergents.
  • Use of heating: 1 degree less = a 7% reduction in energy consumption.
  • Not leaving the television on standby.
  • Devices on standby consume 150 to 500 kWh per household annually, equal to a refrigerator’s consumption for the same period!
  • The power consumption of a television on standby varies between 8 to 20W (and for a Canal Plus decoder, it’s between 9 to 16W).
  • If you watch television 3 hours with an 80W TV, it will consume 80W x 3h = 240 Wh during this time. If the television remains on standby (15W for example) for the rest of the time (21 hours) after being turned off with the remote, it will consume 15W x 21 h = 315 Wh. The television thus costs more when it’s not being watched...

Hotel** Restaurant ALIOS

129, avenue de la forêt de Maucor -  40500 Bas Mauco

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